A new fraternity is coming to Kent State



Aubrey Johnson

The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, also known as Pike, is expanding to create a new chapter at Kent State this fall.

Pike Expansion Consultants Carson Simms and Kevin Delie arrived in Kent on Saturday to begin a five-week expansion process. Unlike other fraternities, Pike does not do any advertising.

“We recruit solely based on a recommendation process,” Delie said.

Delie and Simms plan to meet faculty, deans, student organizations, sororities and athletic coaches to ask them for recommendations of outstanding men who attend Kent State.

After being recommended Delie said the men will take part in a “two-step interview process.”

“We’ll bring them in to talk to them, tell them about the organization, get to know them, see how they feel about Greek life and see what they’re all about,” Delie said.

Delie said once he and Simms get to know the prospective brothers, they will decide if the men fit into the model they’re looking for.

“We want to find guys on campus that make academics a top priority, leaders in student organizations and leaders in the community, athletes, competitive guys who want to succeed,” Delie said. “What we really pride ourselves on is the fact that we want to accrue gentlemen that are respected within the community, that students and faculty look up to.”

Delie said during the five weeks that he and Simms are on campus they’re going to train the recruited men, appoint officers and establish an Alumni Advisory Board for the fraternity.

“They’ll be trained and ready to go as a fully functioning fraternity when we leave,” Delie said.

Interfraternity Council President John Meine said the IFC was really excited about getting the Pike fraternity to Kent.

Junior Glenn Bolich, a former Delta Upsilon member, said he doesn’t know much about the fraternity, but he knows that Pike is a common fraternity at other college campuses.

“It’s good that they like Kent as a new chapter,” Bolich said. “Greek life at Kent isn’t big at all, but with more fraternities, maybe more guys will be interested in joining,” Delie said. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to become part of the great Greek system at such a quality institution.”

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