Aliver Hall show at Musica



Aliver Hall is hitting the stage hard with their Jam-Rock style.

The band:

Alex Hall—Guitar/vocals?

Jim Tauscher—Guitar/vocals

Matt “Bones” Johnson—Drums

Spencer Cutlip—Bass?

Paulie Silvidi—Keys

The band has played across Ohio at shows in Youngstown, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and Kent. They’ve also played in Buffalo, NY and Indiana, and are excited to continue their success far and wide.

Hall said their shows are a lot of fun for fans of all music genres and the audience feels like they are part of the show.

“We enjoy ourselves on stage,” Hall said. “We interact with each other as much as we do with the audience, and the fans love that.”

The band isn’t introduced on stage as “Aliver Hall.” Instead they tell the announcer to say, “Welcome to Aliver Hall.”

Hall said the band hopes to bring this place, this state of mind, to wherever they are.

Click here for a free download of their album, “Welcome To Aliver Hall,” released April 9 of this year.

Come out and support this local band at the Musica in Akron September 23. They will be playing with Tyrohill, Magic Jackson and The Jam Incident, each bringing their own unique jam and funk styles to the stage.

For more information about Aliver Hall, visit their website here.

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