Library levy to be seen on November ballot

Courtney Thomas

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Is five dollars extra a month worth it?

The Kent Free Library levy has been accepted to be on the November ballot and the citizens of Kent are being asked to support it.

The levy is a 1.8 million raise on property taxes and is expected to raise about $884,000 a year. This will cost the average family about five extra dollars in taxes a month for operating costs.

Stacey Richardson was hired as the Library Director in June and she is already facing budget cuts coming from the state.

“Because we have no local funding we rely on gifts and donations, the fines and fees and the majority is our state funding.”

If the levy passes the hours will be returned to the nine to nine hours instead of the ten to eight hours. Also, the programs will be reinstated including the program where materials are taken to residents’ homes for them to enjoy and not have to leave the house.

If the levy fails the hours could be cut again, causing concern for Kent students who use the library. Also, staff could again be cut. Richardson said the Kent Free Library is already running on “bare bones” and is concerned about future budget cuts.

Kelly Dempsey is a Kent resident who visits the library often. She feels that paying the extra five dollars a month on property taxes is necessary.

“This institution is too important to let lack and something as simple as a little extra money for it, it’s worth it, it will always be worth it.”

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