Eight steps to get the perfect date

Kelsey Misbrener

How does a girl get a good, old-fashioned date anymore?

With texting and social networking, you can find out intimate details of people’s lives without even speaking two words to them.

If you do want to land a date with a hottie in your chemistry class, here’s the route you might take.

1) Make some saucy eye contact.

-You need to gauge if this girl or guy is interested. Whether it’s walking past each other on the Esplanade or glancing across the room at a party, try to give them your best sexy eyes. If he or she instantly looks away, it’s on to the next one.

2) Do a little investigative work.

-Do any of your friends know him? Are you both in the same class or residence hall? Most importantly, is he already taken? Find out if you have any connections and use those to the best of your advantage.

3) Get in with his or her friends.

-Toss them a Natty Light when they’re drink-less. Let them go in the bathroom before you. You want them to put in a good word. Then, start conversation with them. Try to spark up a friendship. Find out where they (and him) party. If you feel comfortable enough, subtely hint that you might have a little crush on their friend.

4) Make your friends go with you to places he goes.

-Don’t be a stalker. Just try to cross paths with him sometimes. Dress your best. Be cool. Make him notice you.

5) Actually verbally exchange words with him or her.

-Do not add him on Facebook or ask his friends for his number before you talk to the guy. Sure, it’s easier to do either of those things, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Gotta make a good first impression.

6) Now, it’s time to get those digits.

-Ideally, he’ll ask you for your number before you have to ask for his. But if you have to ask, don’t be afraid. Guys like a go-getter girl.

7) Keep the texting casual.

-Don’t bombard him with texts at all hours of the day. Let him come to you. Be flirty, but not obsessive.

8) Ask what he’s doing tonight.

-If he says nothing, then say you don’t have anything to do either. If he doesn’t take that opportunity to ask you to grab some Jimmy Johns or take a walk downtown, then he’s not worth your time anyway.

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