Increased fees spark controversy with students

Caitlyn Callahan

In addition to the tuition increase for the 2011-12 school year, students will also see an increase in program fees in the various colleges on campus.

The increase in program fees ranges from $10 to $25, and the Honors College added a $75 fee per semester for all honors students.

Emily Vincent, director of Media Relations, said each college submitted a proposal stating what fees they want to increase and for what reasons. The changes in fees were approved in the March 9, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting.

“Basically there is a review process to ensure the fees are absolutely necessary,” Vincent said.

When the Stater called the individual departments, no one was able to identify what the fees would be used for.

Vincent said the additional fees are required to fund unique costs associated with certain courses, services and academic programs.

She said the revenues from the fees help offset increases in instructional costs and costs for special services provided to students.

Don Williams, dean of the Honors College, said they added the Honors College fee this year after the idea was proposed last March.

“The fee was implemented in order to provide additional resources to the Honors College to be used in support of honors courses, advising and new programming,” Williams said.

Alex Long, sophomore architecture major and member of the Honors College, said she strongly disagrees with the fees being added to students’ bills.

She said she thinks KSU should be making school more affordable for the “smart” kids, and students shouldn’t have to pay fees for things they won’t be using.

“It’s bullshit,” Long said.

On the other hand, Megan Mitchell, freshman architecture major, said she really doesn’t care about the fees, particularly the Honors College fee.

“It’s not that much so it doesn’t bother me too much,” Mitchell said.

Although there are mixed feelings about the fees, some students just aren’t as informed. Jerica Smith, junior nursing major, said she didn’t even know there was an increase in the College of Nursing program fee.

KSU is not the only college increasing tuition and fees this year. Other Ohio schools, including Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University and Ohio University have also added to the price of attending their school.

Revenue for these universities goes towards their instruction, scholarships, institutional support, and buildings, grounds and operations.

Vincent said each fee for KSU is reviewed and changed when and where it is necessary, and it is for the benefit of the students.

“It allows the colleges to invest in technology and specialized equipment to enhance instruction,” she said.

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