Tattoos around campus

Karen Holcomb

More and more, tattoos are becoming acceptable among society. People may not realize that body art dates back to ancient cultures. Today, the reasoning behind tattoos is mainly for self-expression and the art itself. Kent State students have interesting stories behind their own tattoos.

Britlee Brost

• junior

• pre-speech pathology and audiology

“It’s my dad’s handwriting. He died when I was 8, and I had a notebook he wrote in. ‘You are my Sunshine’ was our song, and he had written it out in the notebook.”

Christine Dice

• freshman

• magazine journalism

“Owls to me represent wisdom, intelligence and mystery. I think they correspond with my personality, and it’s cute.”

Tyler Lawrence

• freshman

• psychology

“Music is a huge part of my life. My tattoo shows the entire range of human hearing. Everything a person can hear from top to bottom.”


“It’s self-explanatory.”

Mike Cellars

• junior

• English

“It’s my last name, my family name. I’ll always carry it on as my family did before me.”

Rachel Vukovich

• freshman

• criminology and justice studies

“I just really like the quote. It’s what I believe.”

Victoria Hall

• freshman

• American Sign Language

“I got it because I turned 18 and wanted something to do with Bob Marley and peace.”

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