iPods on the Esplanade

Karen Holcomb

With all the different genres in the world, music lovers have unlimited listening options. Artists and songs are specifically chosen and uploaded to a person’s iPod or other listening device. Every day, students take advantage of this convenience, listening to their favorite tunes as they head to class. For passersby, it’s always a mystery to what song is playing through the headphones — until now.

Listener: Sami Downey (white t-shirt, pink backpack)

Senior political science major

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song: “The Carter IV”

Listener: Nicole Likovic (pink striped tank top)

Freshman English major

Artist: Travis Tritt

Song: “Devil Went Down to Georgia”

Listener: Aaron Schultz (black t-shirt, red backpack)

Sophomore electronic media major

Artist: The Magnetic Fields

Song: “You and Me and The Moon”

Listener: Danielle Yagl (red t-shirt, curly light brown hair)

Freshman biology major

Artist: Drake

Song: “One Man Show”

Listener: Leo Wang (black t-shirt, thick black glasses)

Graduate student of business administration

Artist: Beyoncé Knowles

Song: “If I Were a Boy”

Listener: Gabriel Johnson (red t-shirt, flippy brown hair)

Senior advertising major

Artist: Trevor Hall

Song: “You Find Me”

Listener: Keith Slabaugh (green Hollister t-shirt, blond hair)

Freshman architecture

Artist: Nicki Minaj

Song: “Super Bass”

Listener: Lacey Smalldon (brown shirt, dread locks)

Sophomore public health major

Artist: Loving Spoonful

Song: “Do You Believe in Magic”

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