KSU honors Constitution Day with guest speaker

Nathan Christofaris

The University Library will honor Constitution Day with a presentation by John E. Stealey III, Ph.D. Friday at 2 p.m. in the first floor quiet study.

Stealey is a distinguished professor emeritus of history at Shepherd University in West Virginia. He has written three books and numerous articles. Kent State University Press will publish his latest book, “West Virginia’s Civil War Era Constitution: Loyal Revolution, Confederate Counter-Revolution and the Convention of 1872,” in 2012.

Stealey said the Constitution is still relevant to students today.

“Everything we do is governed by the Constitution,” Stealey said. “Ohio is very crucial to the Constitution.”

Stealey spent 40 years working on the book and said historians are “trained to know what we don’t know.”

Roman Panchyshyn, University Library catalog librarian, said the library has strong support for the event from Provost Frank and President Lefton.

“We wanted something that would be of interest to the entire student body,” Panchyshyn said. “We want to give the students something useful, something special.”

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