Kent State University’s Mike Posner concert draws diverse crowd

Brittany Hill

A sea of nearly two thousand jumping and gyrating bodies shook the floor of the Kent State MAC Center Saturday evening during performances by Mike Posner, Wale, DJ D-Breezy and surprise guest Machine Gun Kelly.

“I thought it went awesome,” said Senior marketing major Dominic Parisi, or DJ D-Breezy, who was the first to take the stage, mixing up beats to light a fire beneath the crowd.

“I love Kent State,” said Breezy. “I was a little nervous because this was one of the bigger shows i’ve done, but as soon as you hear everyone scream, that’s all gone.”

Wale attracted some students who may not have attended to see Posner alone. “We’re here for Wale” said Junior Aeronautics major Deona Miller. “He’s a rap artist, but his spoken word is my favorite.”

Posner had his dedicated fans in attendance as well. Sophomore pre-business management major Ryan Shay, who was sick and had the cough to prove it, came out to see Posner despite being ill.

Wale utilized the entire arena during his performance and made connections with fans in each section of the crowd. Wale made his first move to the back of the auditorium mid-song. The crowd instantly closed in, at which point Freshman advertising major Taylor Burgess and boyfriend Connor Mathis found themselves standing right next to Wale.

Burgess said she snapped pictures while Mathis, a long time Wale fan, had his arm around the performer and sang along. “It was pretty crazy,” said Burgess. “He’s still letting it sink in; he’s star-struck.”

Wale also climbed the bleachers to serenade the fans in the balcony and later pulled a few ladies from the front row on stage to dance.

“What the f*** is up, Kent State,” Posner addressed the crowd after performing his first two songs. “Flashes in this bitch!”

Posner’s energetic performance consisted of several covers including, Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, Ginuwine’s “Pony” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

Posner’s tweet “I gotta surpriseeeeeeee for Kent State tonight :)” had the crowd buzzing all evening.

Sophomore fashion merchandising major Alisha Zweigart said she hoped Posner “takes his shirt off.” It wasn’t until Posner’s “surprise”, a shirtless Machine Gun Kelly, bounded on stage that Posner lost his shirt- and Zweigart got her wish. The applause was deafening.

MGK, a Cleveland rapper on the rise, helped Posner wrap up the show with Posner’s hit “Cooler Than Me.”