Opinion: Madea’s Retirement Fund



Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk is a junior Electronic Media Production major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

The results are finally in, and it is now official that Tyler Perry is the highest paid man in Hollywood.

Wait, I’m sorry. I must be reading this wrong.

Tyler Perry, that TBS guy, made $130 million from May 2010 to May 2011, according to Forbes.

That is just unreal. We’re talking about Tyler Perry, the reason to change the channel after weekday Seinfeld reruns.

Forbes also reported Steven Spielberg, Howard Stern, Leonardo DiCaprio and a few others to be reeling in the big bucks in entertainment. Somehow Perry beat them all.

I keep doing more and more research on this, and it seems that this isn’t a joke or a test. This is actually happening.

Maybe I’m more confused by this because he’s getting paid that much to make something I don’t like. Think about it. The man is getting paid $130 million a year to write sitcoms and films about fat old women.

Food Network, the only channel I watch, is the channel above TBS. (Or should I say Tyler Perry Presents: TBS?) So one wrong move and it’s an eyeful of fat suit. Now this is usually an easy fix, assuming I can find the remote, but $130 million doesn’t lie. People actually watch this stuff, on purpose.

I can even remember Perry’s first movie (not that I went and saw it.) In 2005, he came out with “Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Had it not been for the “Tyler Perry’s” at the beginning of the title, you could’ve told me it was a Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy or Wayans Bros movie and I would believe it.

Perhaps this is the reason that Perry stamps his name on everything he works on. Sure, I’ve seen films with fat suits or films that one actor plays every part. But have I seen Tyler Perry do it? That’s the hook.

But when it starts to reel you in, you realize that it’s just not funny. Why does he film this way? It’s reasonable in the first film. But if you made $130 million this year, don’t you think you could afford to pay some more actors? Maybe even get your deposit on that fat suit and just pay a real fat chick? I’m sure that Queen Latifah could fill the role. Or maybe even Oprah whenever she decides to be fat again.

I can’t exactly decide how to take this news. I would like to be in Perry’s position some day. Not in the money sense (though it wouldn’t hurt), but to be a writer/director of sorts. It’s inspiring to know that I could just recycle some mediocre crap and put my name on it and make millions. That’s great to know, especially if I’m really awful, and that’s all I can offer. But it’s a slap in the face to find out that working on TBS could pay off better than “Pirates of the Caribbean.”