CCI needs photos for new study abroad exhibit

Morgan Wright

Here’s what to submit:

  • Full name, major, study abroad destination
  • One to two sentences explaining each photo you submit
  • One to three sentences describing what your study abroad meant to you
  • No more than four photos for consideration
  • The photos you send must have a resolution of 300 to 600 DPI
  • The photos must have an identifying file name. Resave with a file name consisting of your last name plus an identifying word.

The College of Communication and Information will be featuring photography taken by CCI students who participated in Kent State’s study abroad programs.

The exhibit will be showcased in the University Library’s first floor exhibit space. This is the first time CCI work from study abroad programs will be on public display.

Both current and alumni CCI students can submit photographs from various study abroad programs.

The programs highlighted in the exhibit will be from Florence, China, Greece, Turkey, Paris and Geneva. Students have until Sept. 9 to submit their photographs to Deborah Davis, Coordinator of International Programs at [email protected].

The official opening and reception for the exhibit will be Wednesday Oct. 26 from 5-7p.m.

During the reception, a “Best in Show” award will be presented, along with a second and third place, and an honorable mention. All of the awards include a scholarship for books provided by CCI.

The photographs will be shown throughout the fall semester. Once taken down the pieces will be separated and displayed throughout various CCI venues including the Dean’s office and Franklin Hall, according to Davis.

“With some of the students being photography majors it’s a really good opportunity for our students to be featured,” Davis said. “There are amazing photographs, and we’re very eager to set up the exhibit.”

Contact Morgan Wright at [email protected].