Our View: Skidding by on fame

DKS Editorial Staff

Matthew Fox, best known as Jack Shephard from the popular TV show “Lost,” was accused of assaulting a Cleveland bus driver early Sunday morning. Fox was in the city for the filming of “I, Alex Cross.”

Cleveland.com reported that Fox attempted to board a bus reserved for a private party. When the female driver stopped him, he allegedly hit her in her arms, leg, thigh and chest.

She responded with a punch to Fox’s mouth. Fox stumbled backward but continued to hit the driver.

An off-duty police officer detained him after a more scuffling, but Fox returned to his hotel after he was quickly released.

This story, like so many we hear today, is the classic story of celebrity entitlement, and it’s becoming all too common. Fame is no excuse for breaking the law.

Though it’s undoubtedly entertaining to watch the cast of “Jersey Shore” do one ridiculous thing after another, there should be a line. (Remember when that gym teacher punched Snooki in the face at the bar? He was arrested, and he wasn’t famous. Yet.)

A grown man — no matter who he is, even if he makes a lot of money or if he’s been on TV — should not be allowed to simply walk away as the attacker in a serious assault. He should be treated as any other person who attacked another.

If you know the media and your fans are keeping you under close speculation, it’s probably best to keep your absurdity at home.

Granted, it can’t be easy to live under a constant microscope, but acting like this — like a child who didn’t get his or her way — is unacceptable no matter who you are. Matthew Fox, and everyone else, would do well to remember that.

The above editorial is the consensus of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.