Need a cool class? Check out these popular choices

Sasha Chinchar

Most students spend four or more years at Kent State working towards their degree. However, along with the classes that are required with a particular major, students also have to take Kent Core classes. Kent Core classes include College Writing I and II and particular courses in math, fine arts, social sciences and basic sciences.

These classes equal about 37 credit hours, in which students can choose from a number of classes on a list. If chosen right, these classes can be an enjoyable experience or a nightmare. We asked students who have already been through this process what classes they suggest to incoming freshmen.

Here is a list of five popular classes:

General Psychology:

If you are interested in understanding people from a scientific approach, this is the right class for you. The class studies human behavior and mental processes such as emotions, perceptions and cognition.

Topics may include personality, social and environmental factors, biological aspects of behavior and the experience of emotion and psychological disorders. This popular class fulfills one social sciences requirement and counts for three credit hours.

Dance as an Art Form:

If you have an interest in dance — with or without experience — this class can be the one for you. Not only does it include a lecture, but also a dance class once a week, in which a different style of dance is taught each week. The overall class examines the various types, styles and functions of dance with emphasis on understanding dance as an art form and an expression of culture. Dance as an Art Form fulfills a fine arts requirement and counts for three credit hours.


If you want to do something fun while gaining credit hours, try some physical education classes to keep you active and fit.

• Yoga

• Zumba

• Bowling

• Pilates

• Volleyball

• Jogging

• Self-Defense

• Beginning Ballroom Dance

• Dance Exercise

• Racquetball

Seven Ideas that Shook

the Universe:

Even if you don’t always enjoy science, you might find this class interesting, like so many other students. Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe helps to understand what science is and how the scientific worldview works. It focuses on major revolutionary physical concepts and their implications for understanding the physical universe. This class fulfills a basic science requirement and counts for three credit hours.

Human Evolution and Issues

in Human Evolution:

Along with the basic science requirements, a basic science with a lab is also mandatory. Human Evolution with the lab, Issues in Human Evolution, may be the right classes for you if you have a curiosity for anthropology or evolution theory. This class focuses on the beginning and progressive development of the human species during the last five million years. Human Evolution counts as a basic science that is three credit hours, and Issues in Human Evolution is the lab that goes with the class for one credit hour. Students must register for each class separately.

Intro to Human


Along with the requirements from each category, you must choose additional six hours from any category. Intro to Human Communication is a popular class students take to fulfill part of this requirement. This class is an analysis of the nature and function of human communication in interpersonal, group and public contexts. Intro to Human Communication is worth three credit hours and can also be taken online.

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