How to survive rush/July 27, 2011

Adam Harder

????. If you recognize these letters, you know they’re Greek.

But if you want to understand what it’s like to be a part of Greek Life on Kent’s campus, Kent Greeks are providing you with all the tips you need to survive the process.

There are six sororities and 15 fraternities on campus, which leaves a lot of choices. The facts that potential pledges need to know about are how to choose the best one for you and how to go about pledging that particular fraternity or sorority.

Sorority Formal Recruitment and Fraternity Rush are two very different processes. The sisters and brothers of Kent are making sure your pledging experience reaches it’s full potential.

Sorority Formal Recruitment

Sorority Formal Recruitment begins with a night called “Meet the Greeks.”

Meet the Greeks is Monday, Sept. 5, and Tuesday, Sept. 6, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the ballroom of the Student Center. This is a night where girls who are thinking about rushing can come and learn more about what it is to be Greek at Kent.

“When you’re going into it, know what you’re looking for,” said Cristen Futcher, vice president of recruitment for Delta Zeta Sorority. “Really find out what sororities do. Be aware of the work aspect; there’s more to it than just the social side.”

There are three rounds to Formal Recruitment that are held from Sept. 15 to Sept. 18. The first round is on Sept. 15 and 16 at 1 p.m. During this process, the girls will visit every sorority and see which ones they like the best.

The second round is on Saturday, Sept. 17, where prospective pledges will continue to narrow down their choices.

The last day of recruitment is Sunday Sept. 18; Bid Night is at 7 p.m., where you will find out the sorority you were chosen by based on your top choices.

“Keep an open mind,” said Sarah Fortner, vice president of recruitment for Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. “Every sorority taught me something great and new and strengthened my decision to rush.”

Samantha Zucker, the former president of Delta Gamma Sorority, urged girls in recruitment to not just go where your friends go. Choose the place where you know you’ll be happy and feel like home.

Fraternity Rush

Fraternity rush is a much different process than Formal Recruitment. It lacks the rigorous four-long days girls go through for their recruitment, but it makes up for by it in its semester long pledge process.

With the 15 Inter Fraternity Council Fraternities on campus, there are a lot to choose from. It’s up to pledges to decide which one is the right fit, and pledges will never know the answer to that unless they make the effort to talk to as many people as possible.

Amish Patel, the director of communications for Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and active brother of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity explained that where sorority recruitment is like being in the NFL Draft, fraternity rush is like playing the lottery. If you don’t make the effort to meet different ones, you’re taking a chance where you may win or lose.

“Be very open; talk to as many groups as you can,” Patel sad. “At Kent, they’re all a different breed.”

When you consider rushing, you don’t get the chance to meet every fraternity in an organized process like you do for sororities. This is why you are always urged to search around the wide variety of fraternities.

“Act like a gentleman, but be yourself,” said Tim Benedict, recruitment chair for Sigma Chi Fraternity. “It’s much more appealing to meet a guy who comes up and shakes your hand than to meet someone who’s stumbling drunk down Main Street.”

With fraternity rush, it’s important to remember to just be yourself, and go wherever you feel fits you the best.

However, the best and most important piece of advice for any girl or guy considering rush is the words of Matt Zone of Sigma Chi: “Just Rush!”