I Wish I Knew…

DKS staff

-No matter what the sky looks like, you should bring an umbrella and boots with you.

-My first on-campus parking ticket was waived, because I definitely paid it. KSU owes me $15.

-To mark my FYE class on my calendar. I always forgot about it and almost got a “U” on my transcript because of absences.

-Not to buy books until after the first week of classes.

-How great the “people-watching” is outside Munchies Market in Prentice.

-Just because Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a “Limited Batch” ice cream flavor you enjoy, it doesn’t make it OK to buy it every time you see it.

-Foreign language courses are very intensive and require a lot of out-of-class work.

-Getting a job was more about the connections you make than the qualifications you have. Network always!

-Sometimes going to that one class you wanted to skip can mean the difference between an A- and an A.

-How many activities really happened off campus. Take a walk downtown on a Saturday; you are bound to have fun and get some exercise while doing it!

-How jumpy the squirrels are. They’re always popping out behind trees and trash bins when you least expect them.

-To save more time for transportation around campus. Sometimes you can wait up to 20 minutes for a PARTA bus only to have it drive past.

Compiled from Twitter, Facebook and Daily Kent Stater staff.