Journal collection returns to remodeled University Library

Nicole Delsanter

The University Library’s journal collection is returning after being stored at a separate facility during recent construction.

The collection, along with 600,000 books, was moved to a storage location in May as the University Library underwent construction and remodeling. While some construction continues in the library, work on the floors that house the journals is complete.

“The journal collection will be smaller and easier to look at and easier to browse,” said Cindy Kristof, an associate professor at the library. “It will look good.”

The move back to the University Library began June 28 and will finish Aug. 1.

Carney-McNicholas is the moving company helping with the project. The company is based in Youngstown and specializes in commercial and special moving services.

“I get the feeling they’ll be done before (Aug. 1),” Kristof said. “They have been moving pretty quickly.”

Tom Klingler, assistant dean of technical services at the library, has been in charge of the move.

“All journals from the central library, math library and chemistry and physics library will be filed in a single alphabetical arrangement in a convenient location on the fifth and sixth floor of the central library,” Klingler said in an email.

Kristof said the move allowed the library staff to go through the journals and evaluate the collection to see where journals may be missing or misplaced.

“Library staff is actively de-duplicating our paper journal collections against our electronic holdings, and against library holdings throughout OhioLINK,” Klingler said.

Books already removed will not return to the University Library unless a demand for them exists.

“Books will be brought back if they circulate more than three times,” Kristof said. “If there is a need, they’ll be here.”

The books are being stored at AssureVault. The company is located in Rootstown and previously only stored medical records. Kristof said AssureVault has high security standards and is making the process easy on the library staff.

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