CCI to launch global communication major

Olivia Arnette

Kent State’s School of Communication Studies will introduce a global communication major in the fall.

The new major will require students take a foreign language and study abroad. Global communication students will take courses in all four schools in the College of Communication and Information (CCI) and concentrate non-CCI electives in a specific academic area, ranging from history to political science.

“Frankly, anything global has always relied on communication,” said Paul Haridakis, interim director for the School of Communication Studies. “Communication technology has always driven globalization. The problem is we really haven’t had a curriculum that’s really focused on the communication side that’s going to best prepare people for working in a global world.”

The global communication degree is expected to attract both international and domestic students.

“In today’s global economy, it is invaluable to have an education that focuses on communicating effectively across cultures,” said Stanley Wearden, dean of CCI. “Students with such a degree will be able to find work in international business, diplomacy, health and education settings. Many companies and other organizations are now looking for job applicants with international experience and education.”

Having a global experience on a resume stands out to employers as more businesses communicate all over the world.

“One area of the discipline that’s growing is globalization and this merging thinking of how organizations today can’t be effective if they don’t think broad enough; if they don’t realize they have consumers in China or wherever,” said Jeffrey Child, assistant professor and undergraduate coordinator of the School of Communication Studies.

Students are required to take 14 credit hours in one foreign language and can study abroad anywhere in the U.S. or overseas from one week up to a full semester.

“I can’t tell you how many students study abroad and then come back and say they really want to find a way to work overseas,” said Deborah Davis, coordinator of international programs. “Our students are beginning to have a broader vision of where they can be and what they can do.”

Contact Summer Kent Stater reporter Olivia Arnette at [email protected]

Contact Summer Kent Stater reporter Olivia Arnette at [email protected].