Surface repairs coming to Crain Avenue, area sidewalks, driveway aprons

Doug Brown

For at least the next month and a half, construction workers will fix up a segment of Crain Avenue.

The City of Kent is asking motorists to avoid the half-mile stretch on Crain Avenue between North Willow Street on the west and Elmwood Drive on the east. Work will occur on one side of the road at a time, leaving one lane still open for drivers, but commuters should expect delays.

Aside from minor structural repairs, workers will be stripping three inches of the road’s beat-up asphalt and replacing it with a newer, smoother high-grade surface course asphalt, a rubberized surface that can better handle the wear.

The city also plans to repair damaged sections of sidewalks, curbs and residents’ concrete driveway aprons, the chunks of material where the road meets the driveway. For driveways with dirt or gravel aprons, residents must pay the city in order to get a new concrete apron.

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