NFL lockout may cause fantasy football leagues to cancel season

Anthony White

This season’s fantasy football leagues are beginning to form, but with the potential of a locked-out season, fantasy commissioners are unsure of their leagues’ future.

“I would imagine there would be an issue,” said Joshua Burke, senior aeronautics major. “If there is no performance to watch, how can you have a fantasy league with players that don’t play?”

The NFL regular season is set to begin Sept. 8, but many are aware this currently won’t be the case, as the league has ceased operations. NFL owners and players continue to discuss players’ salaries and other issues while negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.

“If there’s a lockout and no football, fantasy football will only be a true fantasy,” said Nicholas Grissinger, senior sports administration major.

The Internet has made fantasy football more popular and easier to manage. Websites such as CBS Sports and Yahoo provide a place for fantasy commissioners to keep track of their individual leagues. League members are able to draft, trade and sign players on their teams just like a real general manager.

Each fantasy football league has a mock draft where members select players for their teams. Some leagues play for fun, while others play for money. Rules and regulations differ from league to league.

Some Kent State students who participate in fantasy football see the potential season cancellation as a way to get more schoolwork done instead of worrying about their fantasy teams. For those who don’t participate, the possibility of no leagues doesn’t really affect them.

“I don’t play, but fantasy geeks will be up in arms,” said Ethan Rush, senior finance major.

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