Library relocates books for Math Emporium renovations

Nicole Delsanter

Construction and renovations at the University Library could put a damper on book circulation during the fall semester.

The improvements on floors two through six have displaced thousands of library books. Those books are now at an off-site storage location, and retrieving one of the missing titles in the future may take up to 24 hours.

“People have found other resources, and many of the books we have moved don’t circulate often,” said Diane Sperko, communications and marketing director for the University Library.

Sperko explained she doesn’t see the move as a potential problem because with modern technology, students use the library more as a study location and a platform for online resources.

Jaqui Gemberling, a junior English major, said she’s never checked a book out from the library but uses other library resources regularly during the school year.

Renovations are underway on the second floor to make way for a new Math Emporium set to open fall 2011. The emporium will feature more than 200 computer workstations where students will have the opportunity to study and learn math at their own pace.

Members of the math department will run the facility, and math tutors will be available to assist students throughout the day. Exact facility and tutoring hours have not yet been set.

Kathryn Restifo, a junior psychology major, said she is excited to see the University Library update its resources.

“I have never even checked a book out from the campus library, but I really could have benefited from extra math tutoring during the math class I barely passed last semester,” Restifo said.

Sperko said she thinks the change is a good one and that the library staff wants students to come to the library and benefit from the resources made available to them.

“The end goal here is to increase the retention rate, and many students struggle with math,” Sperko said.

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