City council approves veterans committee

Simon Husted

The City of Kent wants to honor local fallen soldiers in a new way and they’re seeking the input from residents on how to do that.

City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to establish a veterans committee in order to examine an appropriate way for the city to honor all fallen soldiers from Kent.

“I really want to get a committee together,” said Erik Valenta, council-at-large member, during comments from the council. 

Valenta said he was encouraged to form a committee after a resident called him the day after Memorial Day to express the need of a memorial in the city of Kent. 

Valenta added the recent death and funeral of Army Spc. Adam Hamilton, a Theodore Roosevelt High School graduate, further inspired him to propose such a committee.

“We want to find a way we can honor our soldiers,” Valenta said. “I prefer committee—input from everybody. I just think it is something we should all look into.”

The committee will be made up of Valenta as well as Jack Amrhein, ward 2 council member, and Mayor Jerry Fiala.

The date and time of the first committee meeting is yet to be announced.

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