College of Technology and LCI plan to hire five new faculty

Simon Husted

Kent State is still in a hiring freeze, but that’s not stopping officials from their search to hire five new faculty members for a new research initiative between the College of Technology and the Liquid Crystal Institute.

“Plans call for the hiring of two tenure-track faculty positions in organic photovoltaics, a theoretical materials physicist and a physical organic chemist,” this month’s Provost newsletter said. The newsletter also said the College of Technology plans to hire two tenure-track faculty members “to focus on bioengineering aspects of liquid crystal technology. “

The fifth faculty member, who will specialize in advanced electron transporting, will be chosen after a search committee finishes interviewing candidates by the end of summer, said Professor Oleg Larventovich, director of the Liquid Crystal Institute. This position will be funded through the $15.2 million awarded by the Ohio Research Scholars Programs.

In addition to hiring five new tenure-track faculty members, Kent State plans to renovate the clean room facility in the Liquid Crystal and Materials Science Building, the newsletter said.

“These investments in people and facilities will buoy all research and development activities in the Kent State liquid crystal community,” the newsletter said.

Currently, there is no timetable for when the other four positions will be filled.

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