Music composition students premiere new pieces

Alison Adams

Each semester the College of the Arts, together with the Hugh A. Glauser School of Music, presents the Student Composers Concert.

Featuring composition students beyond sophomore status, the concert is an opportunity for them to focus their pieces and gain experience working with musicians and seeing audience reactions.

Concert lineup

Matt Incorvati: “Un Garcon Americain dans une ville francaise” (2011)

— Matt Incorvati, clarinet

Justin Marquis: “Next to Nothing” (2011)

— Andy Smith, Ryan Harrison and Brett Floyd, marimbas

Caitlin Rhoades: “Three Movements for Solo Violin”

— Kimberly Hain, violin

Brandon Covey: “Piano Sonata No.1” (2011)

— Richard Jeric, piano

Kimberly Hain: “Motions for Viola and Piano” (2011)

— Annabelle Terbetski, viola; Richard Jeric, piano

Jacob Fagan: “Suite for Tuba” (2011)

— Jacob Fagan, tuba

Adam Idsvoog: “Scattered Thoughts” (2011)

— Ying Han Gan, piano

Jacob Fagan: “The Letter A” (2011)

—Nicolette Kocsardy, violin; Ali Brasher, cello; Annabelle Terbetski, viola; Frank McGill, contrabass

C.A. Legge: “Piece for Flute and Piano” (2011)

— Meghan Naxer, flute; Seung Hyun Yoo, piano

The Student Composers Concert focuses on students who wrote pieces for one or two instruments; pieces written for large ensembles are performed in the New Music Series.

All pieces included in this semester’s program are world premieres and the students wrote them in their spare time outside of classes.

This semester’s concert will be held Monday at 8 p.m. in Ludwig Recital Hall of the Music and Speech Center and admission is free.

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