How to: Egg decorating

Whether you celebrate Easter or you’d rather spend the day relaxing at home, you can’t deny that decorating eggs is a creative way to take a break from studying for finals.

1. Start with a carton of eggs, crayons, water, vinegar, food coloring dye and paper towels, or you can just buy an egg dye kit at a local supermarket.

2. Boil the eggs in water and a little vinegar for roughly ten minutes.

3. Set them on the paper towel, and let them cool.

4. Color them with crayons. (You can find the crayons that don’t show up until the egg is placed in dye at basically any grocery store before Easter.)

5. Put a few drops of food coloring dye into a clear glass of water and vinegar (use about 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup vinegar) and dip your eggs in.

6. If you haven’t done this before, don’t worry — because it’s a waxy substance, the crayon will stay on the egg as it’s in the dye. The longer the egg sits in the mixture, the deeper the color will be.

7. Remove the egg and let it dry, preferably somewhere where it doesn’t have to lay on its side. (The box dye kits come with stands for you to place your egg in.)

Tip: Draw a face on your egg before dyeing. Once it has dried, glue small pieces of yarn to the egg for hair.

If you prefer doing things the all-natural way, has a solution.