Unsung Hero: 90-year-old man volunteers at nursing home

Lindsay Frumker

KentWired Video

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Sol is truly an unsung hero because of the time he devotes to helping

people out. He is going to be 91 years old in the summer and is only

slowing down because he has to, not that he wants to.

If he could, he would still visit the same amount of people everyday.

He used to visit around 30 people per day, and now the number is down

to five.

Almost everyday he goes to Montefiore Nursing Home, a skilled

residence, and visits with people to make them feel better.

Now, there are many people that volunteer there, but the thing that

stands out about Sol is that he has been doing it for 30 years. His

wife used to be a patient there, and this place has become a second

home for Sol.

He will walk past any person and be his cheery self. He can really put

a smile on anyone’s face because he is that positive. During this

project, I learned just how amazing people can be because he is so


He is never negative, even though he has to have heart surgery soon to

replace an aortic valve. Most people would get upset or sad, but Sol

refuses to be down on himself.

Instead, he channels his energy into making sure that people are happy

because there are always people that are worse off than he is.

He does all of this without any type of reward but just to make the

residents feel better.

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