Craziest classes on campus



Wine Tasting is among the craziest classes. Photo by MCT Campus.

Are you tired of taking classes like General Psychology, College Writing or The Understanding of Music? Well you are in luck because there are several classes on campus that can help relieve the stress of all of your important classes needed to graduate! They are the classes that make you question if your time is being spent wisely in college. Here are a few of the craziest classes on campus.

Wines in NE Ohio Yes, there are many types of wines in Northeast Ohio, and while taking this class you will be able to experience them all. This is a great class for students twenty-one years and older who want to know where the best wines can be found in Ohio.

Vampires in Film This class is taught by Cleveland Plain Dealer film critic Mark Dawidziak. You simply learn about how vampires have been depicted in film. You actually begin with the first vampire movie and then work your way into the newer vampire movies like “Twilight”.

Human Sexuality Even though this class is an important part of the Health Education track, it is still a class that is beyond the norm. The class description says that it is a study of the role and meaning of human sexuality throughout the life cycle for self and society, but sometimes students go a little off topic and bring their own life experiences into the classroom!

Other crazy classes include Sherlock Holmes, Cartoon Network, Conspiracy Theory and Star Trek. All of these classes can be found in the school of Journalism and Mass Communication if you are interested in taking a few classes that are outside of your normal work load.

If you know of any other crazy classes feel free to comment on them.