Our View: We should think of the examples set by volunteers

DKS Editors

Summary: Student volunteers have set an example well worth following. Lending a hand helps those in need and gratifies the helper.

With so many opportunities to make a difference, we should take inspiration from the students honored in Tuesday’s annual Celebration of Service.

The awards ceremony recognized the exceptional volunteerism of students, faculty and student organizations. Habitat for Humanity and The Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, both community partners of the Office of Community Service, Learning and Volunteerism, were also honored.

“It represents the university and the community coming together to make this world a better place,” said Anna Gosky, senior special assistant, about the event. “It recognizes the efforts of students, faculty and student organizations to reach beyond the university community to the larger community.”

As college students, we are blessed with the education and opportunities that many people in our Kent community and around the world can only dream about. We should take this time to share out wealth.

Wealth doesn’t have to mean money. More often, it’s found in things money can’t buy, like love, happiness or a helping hand. Countless people — in Kent and around the world — could find relief in our help. Wouldn’t you want them to do the same for you?

Donating to relief efforts like the ones in Japan is a great start. But volunteering time and physical energy is much more gratifying. You’ll brighten your day as well as the day of someone less fortunate, and help make our world a little bit happier.

To join a Kent State volunteer effort, visit http://www.kent.edu/emsa/service/volunteer/index.cfm