Letter to the editor: More security needs to be in dorms

Richard M. Berrong


I write to applaud you on your editorial in today’s Stater: Show your support for a fellow student.

But I also have a question: You write that the student “was tormented so much by other residents

in his hall that he left the university fearing [for] his safety.” How was this allowed to happen

in a university residence hall? Are there no residents in the dorms here to watch out for such

things and bring a stop to them, either by themselves or by bringing in university officials? Are

students just allowed to run wild in the dorms here? Are you folk investigating this?

What happened is already sad enough. But what it seems to imply about lack of oversight in the

dorms is even worse. Aren’t students protected there?

Respectfully yours,

Richard M. Berrong

Prof of French