What I know about college now (as opposed to last year)



You do have to study in college. Photo from MCT Campus.

As my first year of college draws to a close, I’m starting to reflect on the things that got me here. It’s been a long, hard (not to mention expensive) road, but I believe it was well worth it.

It seems a lot of people do these types of lists, but for each individual, the list is different. This is the difference between what I thought I knew about college before attending and what actually happened once I got here.

  1. You do have to study. I know everyone says this, but it only bears repeating because it’s true. I was a merit-roll student in high school, which gave me the opportunity to do post-secondary (taking actual college classes while in high school for dual credit). These classes were extremely easy, which gave me the impression that all college classes would be similar. Oh, how wrong I was. Which leads me to…
  2. Don’t assume anything. Just because one exam (or a whole sequence of courses, in my case) was ridiculously simple doesn’t mean they will all be that way. This also goes for majors, instructors and professors or even new friends. Looks can be deceiving.
  3. Your high school enemy could become your best friend. I believe time has a way of healing all wounds. Something that seemed so upsetting two years ago could so easily be swept under the rug now. It could actually be (dare I say it?) fun to reminisce with your newfound BFF over your tenth-grade algebra teacher’s ear hair.
  4. Try not to pick a major just because it sounds cool. I know it’s really impressive to tell people you’re a public relations major, but what do people in that field actually do? My advice is to have an actual career in mind and try to pick a major based off of that. Utilize advisors for this task. That’s what they’re paid to do. Finally…
  5. Just do it! Yes, it sounds like an overly-cliché Nike commercial, but if you want to do something, quit thinking about it and try it. Want a radio show on Black Squirrel Radio? Audition. The worst they can do is say to try again next semester.

What are some of the things you’ve learned throughout college that you didn’t know when you first started?