Sarah Husbands’ playlist

Sarah Husbands

This eclectic group of songs are arranged to commemorate and raise awareness for “Earth Day.” Intended to inspire students, this playlist will hopefully promote appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. With songs ranging from Jordin Spark’s “No Air” single to Brad Paisley’s hilarious “Water” song, this playlist is anything but ordinary. Whether you are in the mood for country, pop or some good old fashion Beatles, these songs provides you with some jamming beats while reminding you to save our environment. Many of the songs report real life experiences to different parts of the earth. “Ocean Wide” by The Afters, symbolizes the ocean and how it is as wide as his love. If you want more of a fun fast-tempo song, listen to “Shark in the Water” by VV Brown, which supports Sharks in their natural habitat, the water. One of my personal favorites “Mountain and the Sea” by Ingrid Michaelson conveys different parts of the Earth by relating them to her loved one. In the end, all of the songs in this playlist are tremendous and were put together to celebrate our dear mother earth.

“When I Come Around (Cover)” Green Day Bluegrass | Honeywagon

This bluegrass group puts a country twang on this alternative rock song. The banjo instrumental breaks are so impressive that they could keep anyone listening. Plus the harmonies give it such a positive spin that it will immediately throw a smile on the listener’s face.

Selected Lyrics: “No time to search the world around ‘cause you know where I’ll be found”

“Water” American Saturday Night | Brad Paisley

This country artist tells you a hilarious story about the way you use water from the time you are a kid until you’ve reached adulthood. He speaks about his times learning to swim to Daytona Beach, Fla., on spring break in college. If anything, you will be picturing the ocean by the end of this song.

Selected Lyrics: “Grab your swimming trunks/ice up that old igloo/drive until the map turns blue”

“Many the Miles” Little Voice | Sara Bareilles

This song’s soulful outline gives the song an extra kick. This song really shows off Bareilles’s controlled range. The jazzy piano doesn’t miss a beat and keeps the song moving all the way till the last measure.

Selected Lyrics: “How far do I have to go to get to you/many the miles”

“Daylight” Grand | Matt & Kim

The song represents daylight and living your life to the fullest. It describes, “in the daylight everything feels like home,” which means in order to be happy and “at home,” you don’t have to sit indoors where you are restricted. By leaving your dark house, you are free and happy. This song depicts a freedom in nature reflected through a rocking melody.

Selected Lyrics: “This car might make a good old boat and float down Grand Street in daylight”

“The Hat” Girls and Boys| Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid uses the seasons and the different kinds of weather to convey memories of her old boyfriend. It’s about a different kind of relationship in which she made a mistake by losing her first love. The alluring beat this song portrays reflects the good times she had with him and the memories they shared.

Selected Lyrics: “To keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold”

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