Centennial Court A begins 19-student quarantine


Kent Health Department Notice

Jessica Cobb Regionals/Teaching reporter

It was a hectic first day of quarantine for Nicholas Negron and his roommates in the Centennial Court A dorms. 

“I just woke up to my roommate saying, ‘we’re done, either shut down here or we’re going home for two weeks,’” Negron said.

Negron and his roommates are three of 19 students being quarantined for two weeks on the third floor of Centennial Court A. The students were quarantined after being exposed to the virus.

The university is working to get CCA residents tested in the next 48 hours, and anyone who tests positive will be moved to Verder Hall for isolation.

Residents received an email explaining the situation and what the quarantine would entail, as well as a notice of quarantine from the Kent Health Department.

After being given the option to either spend a two-week quarantine in the dorms or go home, Negron said he chose to stay and hang out with his roommates. 

“We’ll probably be at each other’s throats at some point,” he said, “but so far this has been one of the greatest years living with my best friends.”

A little too much relaxing and staring at screens all day is what Negron has planned for the next two weeks, he said. 

The roommates are big golfers, so they plan to play putt-putt with makeshift holes in the dorm to pass time. 

“I’ll probably play a lot of Xbox, watch the NHL finals, have movie nights and dinners every night together,” he said.

Negron is pursuing three majors in accounting, computer information systems and Spanish, so he said classes will also pass time. 

Though his friends worry they can’t focus with not being able to leave the room, Negron said with all online classes, he doesn’t see it affecting his classwork significantly.

The students received two delivered meals on their first day of quarantine, and Negron said it was a nice surprise.

They also got lots of drinks: water, pop, energy drinks, etc. Negron said the roommates already had plenty of snacks stocked as well. 

“I’m just kind of accepting it at this point of the situation,” he said.

Negron has never seen or met the students positive for COVID-19, and at this time has decided not to get tested. 

Under normal circumstances, the roommates enjoy going out and playing football, volleyball and street hockey. Negron said he anticipates being able to do these things again after quarantine is over.

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