Tips to get that job


He is ready for the interview. Photo by MCT Campus.

Summer is coming right around the corner and for you students who don’t just want to sit around and watch paint dry, you need to find a job. But what do you do? Where can you start? Don’t worry, I have a few tips that could help you get a Summer job or internship.

First of all you must have a decent resume in order to get the interview. If you have trouble with how to create your resume, there are a few pointer on the Career Services website for resume building.

Once you figure out how to write up your resume and you give it to your future employer, give them a call sometime to see if they had a chance to look it over. This not only makes sure that they look at your resume, but it shows that you really want the job because you took the time to email or call them.

In the interview make sure you are professional. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you are trying to work at a clothing store maybe you should dress in some of their clothes so that they can see what you look like in their merchandise. Normally I like to dress in a nice suit just to make sure that I look as professional as possible.

Just like you followed up on your resume, follow up on the interview. Thank them for the opportunity, even before you get the job. Realize that every interview is a learning experience for a future interview. Then cross your fingers. As long as you are professional and your resume meets their standards then you have a shot at a Summer job or internship. Good Luck!