Opinion: Stater anti-Greek bias does not exist



Kyle McDonald

Without a doubt, this article adds to the tarnished image of Greek organizations on campus. Just because the Daily Kent Stater reports it, does not mean they have an agenda against Greeks. The Stater also reported the Greeks singing for charity, Songfest raising over $23,000 for Hattie Larlham, Delta Zeta’s Lip-sync and every other one of the numerous philanthropic events Greeks host to benefit the community. It’s unfortunate that one negative event overshadows every positive event.

It may come as shocking news, but the Daily Kent Stater and student media as a whole have hardworking student staffers who are also Greeks. There have been Greek members, myself being one of them, in various positions including editor, news anchor, reporter, page designer and more.

Complain all you want that the Daily Kent Stater wants to paint a bad picture of Delta Upsilon or Greeks in general. Members within Delta Upsilon do work hard to benefit the campus in various leadership roles on Interfraternity Council and Undergraduate Student Government and in philanthropies. But while the fraternity works hard at participating in and hosting philanthropic events, over the past few years individual members such as Robert Lewis, Nicholas Zajac and now Bucca and Patenaude have done the painting on their own, even when the events are not directly linked to the organization. Nowhere in the article does it say this was a fraternity-sanctioned undertaking. The Stater simply steps in and reports the facts, be they good, bad or ugly, just as any credible journalistic organization would.