Opinion: A post-Geno rallying cry



Jody Michael

Jody Michael

Jody Michael is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

This is a series of open letters regarding men’s basketball coach Geno Ford’s departure to Bradley University.

To Geno Ford:

What is your motive for coaching? Is it to instruct, train and motivate your players for victory? Or is it to make as much money as possible?

If you truly cared about your players, or about anyone at Kent State, you would have told them you were leaving. Even better, you could have let our athletic department present its own offer. This is basic communication that normal colleagues do.

Thank you for revealing your true values. You are the scum of the earth. You are also making an enormous mistake.

Gary Waters’ win-loss record as Kent State head coach was 92-60 and included two NCAA Tournaments. He left for Rutgers and resigned five years later with a 79-75 record and no NCAA Tournament berths.

Stan Heath replaced Waters here. In his first season, the Flashes finished 30-6 and advanced to the Elite Eight. He left for Arkansas and was fired five years later with an 82-71 record and no NCAA Tournament victories.

Jim Christian replaced Heath. He was 137-59 and took the team to two NCAA Tournaments. He left for Texas Christian University and is 38-58 in three seasons so far, nowhere close to earning postseason berths.

What makes you think you will be different, since you too care about money more than your players?

You are a moron — but at least you will be a rich moron. Good riddance.

To athletic director Joel Nielsen:

Promote Rob Senderoff to become the next head coach.

Senderoff has been around this team as an assistant coach, much like Christian and Ford were before they became head coaches. This has been incredibly successful.

Besides, we have a very experienced team next season. This is not a time to start over and try a new system. We have our own system, and it works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Stop your national coaching search immediately. Name Senderoff the new head coach now, and let’s get to work.

To the men’s basketball players:

Now is not the time to grieve over your coach abandoning you. That negativity will get you nowhere. You just finished an incredible season and should be proud of what you accomplished.

Think back to losing to Akron in the conference tournament. Instead of giving up, you won two upsets in the NIT and nearly shocked Colorado.

You can make the same turnaround again. So what if your coach betrayed you? Use it as motivation to prove him wrong. Make it your mission to win a conference tournament before your former coach wins one at Bradley.

Also, please know that your fellow students, as well as the Kent community, are on your side. We will still be at the M.A.C. Center to cheer for you.

You have made it this far. The mission still remains. Something good can happen. Make it happen.