Kent State president releases email detailing action steps against campus racism


Kent State President Todd Diacon talks and walks with Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members during a protest on campus Mon., Sept. 14, 2020.

Troy Pierson

After attending a student-led protest on campus this afternoon, Kent State President Todd Diacon released an email detailing the actions the university will take to combat racial inequality on campus.

Diacon said the protests today and last week represent the essence of the university’s values to exercise “our right to free speech and claiming loudly and clearly that hate has no home here.”

Diacon said the leadership and actions of Black United Students “has provided invaluable assistance as Kent State carves a new path to equality and justice.”

The email detailed action steps the university will implement in partnership with BUS, which include the following:

Exploring off-campus and on-campus police relationships.

Creating a platform/website for anti-racism statements, announcements and actions of the university.

Exploring the creation of a platform for notifying students, faculty and staff about hate speech/acts.

Implementing policies and procedures for painting the Rock.

Conducting a formal review of the Student Code of Conduct.

Requiring anti-bias workshops for all new Kent State employees.

Creating incentives for faculty through Center for Teaching and Learning focused cohorts (diversity focus).

Establishing anti-bias training for faculty, staff and students.

Promoting and enlisting the support of Black United Students to enhance the recruitment and retention of students.

The hiring of more security aides and expanding hours for student escort services, including providing these services during the day.

The increase of lighting around the Rock.

The installation of security cameras around the Rock.

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