Opinion: Good Night, and Good Luck

Anthony Holloway

 In high school, everything was simple. Milk was only 35 cents, people?were good for the most part and I couldn’t wait to get started at Kent State.?       Four years and 200 chicken fingers later, I still have a sense of?optimism that got me through daily hardships and injustices.?Although, I am ready to move on from this fine institution, Kent?State, don’t think I didn’t keep tally. Buckle-up, this could be a?bumpy ride.?       The food choices were never an issue. A couple dozen chickens were?dipped in barbeque sauce at my hands, but I still love chicken?fingers. However, it was the service I received that frustrated and?confused me. I once waited 35 minutes for my number to be called?because someone forgot cottage cheese was already in containers near?where my other food sat getting cold.?       I don’t know if that was worse than ALL of my experiences at Jump?Asian Express. I’ll admit going to work is hardly fun, but those are?the most miserable looking people I have encountered. Even Chilean?miners, who were trapped underground with little hope of seeing?daylight again, came out with smiles. It is good that the Hub is on?the first floor because based off the mood of that restaurant; a?two-hour shift there might actually make people jump. To all those?people, yes, it is atrocious that sometimes you burn my chicken beyond?recognition, but everything is fine. Just remember to breathe and?smile occasionally.?       Regardless of my charbroiled chicken, though, parking is worse. I?understand order needs kept with 4,000 people on campus, but why are?there only five 30-minute meters in crucial areas of campus? I know?you want equal parking opportunity, but it doesn’t really help anyone?when there are Parking Service workers waiting eagerly to give them a?ticket as their meter expires, and I still have no where to park?because I refuse to pay money for a parking pass to maybe find a spot? ?       I am glad I was able to find my spot this year. Sure, it is a walk to?campus and could easily be considered the brown eye of Kent with its?many potholes, but baby, it is FREE.?       Having said that, I think just because the new chancellor to the Ohio?Board of Regents accepted the funding plan for campus renovations, it?doesn’t mean it’s right. It just shows the leaders of the university?were never really dedicated to finding a student friendly way of?funding them.?       Finally, President Lefton, I want to thank you for being a leader of?excellence by accepting your luscious bonuses, housing and other?allowances. I hope you enjoy all the campus renovations that most?students will help pay for but never see.?       Well, they are calling my number for my food, so I think it’s time to?wrap this up. For all of you stuck here, I’ll keep it short, sweet and?in the words of a great man and journalist. “Good night, and good?luck.”

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