Senior Column: What do you live for?



Josh Johnston

Josh Johnston

Josh Johnston is a senior journalism major and managing editor/city editor of the Daily Kent Stater

The question, “What are you living for?” grips me.

It’s something everyone’s either running toward or away from answering. Where does your passion lie? What is your motivation?

It seems like we’re asked those question roughly a million times throughout our college careers.

Every character in a story has motivation. Maximus overthrew Commodus because his family was murdered. Luke blew up the Death Star to free the galaxy. Harry drove across the country to return a suitcase to Mary Swanson.

Terrible stories have characters who aren’t going after anything. Good stories have characters who want something. Great stories have characters who will lay down their lives for a cause greater than themselves.

In four years at Kent State and nearly 23 years of life, I know no greater story than that of Jesus.

“For I am determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1 Corinthians 2:2.

The story I told freshman year was of a selfish kid living out selfish motives. If I wanted something for myself, I pretty much took it. I didn’t want much for anyone or anything else. I didn’t really like who I was.

Because what kind of a story is that? Not one many would care to read, I’m assuming.

But sadly, that sort of story is told over and over by countless others — people living for themselves.

Four years older and four years wiser, I hope the story I’m telling now is one of selflessness — of giving to others — of living for something other than myself — greater than myself.

The story I live for and have chosen to commit my life to is that I’ve failed, fail and will continue to fail. But the beautiful resolution is that in spite of who I am, God still loves me. Enough that he would come down as Jesus on Earth and die on a cross for the messed-up person I am.

I know you might see me as a religious nut now, if you’re still reading this at all, but these truths I will live, fight and die for. Is there anything in your life that you could say the same for?

I hope there is.