Column: New Orleans has potential to upset the Lakers



Michael Moses

With all the talk surrounding fellow point guards Derrick Rose as MVP, or Deron Williams moving to New Jersey, even Rajon Rondo in Boston, the man they call “CP3” steadily dominates in the south. By going against the defending back-to-back champs, he’ll be even more motivated to do so.

Oh, and he’s the next big name on the free agent market, as if that isn’t enough.

On the other hand, Kobe Bryant has a chance to rival the Greatest Of All Time, Michael Jordan. Bryant is on pace to tie Jordan by winning his sixth NBA Championship ring.

Bryant was in the news for the wrong reasons this week after he was shown on television yelling a homophobic slur to an official. After a tap on the wrist (a.k.a. a $100,000 fine) for Bryant, L.A. is set to face the Hornets with a banged-up roster. Center Andrew Bynum suffered a knee injury yet again. He’s expected to play, but this just opens the door for Hornets center Emeka Okafor.

With leading scorer David West out for the season, Okafor’s number will be called upon a lot more from here on out. The former NBA Rookie of the Year has the stage set, now it’s just time to deliver.

In the NBA, nothing is certain. Anything can happen on a given night.

The talent is so abundant in this league that even a bench player could catch fire or be the defensive force to antagonize superstars such as Bryant. We just witnessed March Madness, but for some reason, something tells me April will be no different on the court.

Could the Lakers’ reign be over? Can Chris Paul make a name for himself and save the New Orleans franchise? Only time will tell.