Unsung Hero: Family man makes impact by leading Boy Scouts

Photo by Nikolas Kolenich.

Nikolas Kolenich

Filled with passion and love for his family, Dave Kuntezman, 36, of Suffield Township understands the importance of giving back. Though he may not know the impact he has on his community, this father of three volunteers as a Lion’s Club board member, County Fair board member and a Boy Scout troop leader.

Kuntezman graduated from college in the mid ‘90s with a degree in mathematics. Growing up in the rural town of Suffield, Kuntezman’s love for the outdoors overshadowed his need to pursue science and math. Wanting to be an entrepreneur, he began an excavating service that he currently runs throughout the year.

Kuntezman is a man that cherishes the importance of a strong community and family values. He carries a great deal of pride for all that he does and hopes others will recognize the magnitude of helping others.

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