Our View: Room-and-board rates increase for next year

DKS Editors

Wednesday, the Kent State Board of Trustees voted to raise room and board rates for Fall 2011. The increase raises standard, undergraduate double room-and-board rates by 5.4 percent. Increases will vary by dormitory and room size. None will exceed 6 percent. So, according to our calculations, a student in a double room with a basic meal plan will see an average increase of $146.33 in their rates next year.

It’s not a horrendous increase, but an increase nonetheless.

President Lester Lefton said the rates increase is due largely to a rise in food costs, infrastructure changes and the cost of running the dormitories. As Lefton put it: “You can’t just build a building and never fix it up.”

With the economy still realistically recessed and a state with a large deficit, it’s hard for us to have a positive outlook after graduation. With rates increasing each year, we know it’ll take us an extra lifetime to pay off school.

The next step is most likely a tuition raise. We ask the university to please keep us, the students, in mind. Freshmen and sophomores are a pool of money for the university to pay for such things as food costs and dormitory upkeep. Since they have to live on campus, their tuition and room and board rates will continuously filter into the university’s hands. Use the money wisely and pay for the continuation of the campus food. Keep repairing broken toilets and leaky faucets. Continue to clean up our messes in the dormitory hallways.

Tuition raise, however, will affect all students on campus — from the ones who commute from their parents’ home to save money to the ones who live in a deluxe single room in Engleman Hall. A tuition increase will impact those who pay for school with loans, scholarships or out of pocket.

President Lefton and Kent State Trustees, we expect an increase, yet we ask that you be mindful and realistic of students’ finances as you are heading to the next stages of budget planning.

DKS Editors