Spring Fashion Guide: new spins on old favorites


Kristie Stoll, freshman fashion design major. Photo by Anthony Vence.

Natalie Moses

With spring comes a new attitude. No longer having to face the arctic tundra to get to class and trading the subzero gear in for lighter and exponentially cuter clothes are some of the best parts of saying goodbye to winter.

The end of winter means putting your ubiquitous ski coat away and bringing out the fun stuff. It’s time to show everyone that under all of those warm, dry and boring layers, lies a well-dressed and stylish person with a fashion conscience no longer shrouded by efforts to keep warm.

This spring season, the fashion magazines and stores are jam-packed with bold colors, sheer layers and lace. This girly style is accompanied by 70s-inspired prints and silhouettes that shake up the tried and true (and often unflattering) trend of skin-tight choices. But taking it from the fashion magazines isn’t always the best thing to do, since they tend to aim towards a crowd with a budget well over that of a college student.

At the nation’s third-ranked fashion school, all it takes to get an expert opinion on style is stepping out of your dorm room. Though no one is rocking the spring styles quite yet, everyone seems to be excited about the warmer wardrobe possibilities.

Kristie Stoll, freshman fashion design major, is excited about the classic spring style.

“I’m looking forward to wearing sundresses and flip flops,” she said.

Those are two things that every girl is probably ready to wear at the first sign of spring.

While keeping it classic is a great way to kick off the season, there are some major new styles that should be recognized as well. Kristina Udovic and Amanda Jackson, both sophomore fashion merchandising majors, dish out the scoop on new trends. They both agreed that a nautical theme with plenty of stripes is sure to be big and that maxi dresses will be a hit again. They are expecting a romantic trend characterized by lace and stripes, while the classic feel is brought out by “old school, school girl shoes — but not in white and black anymore.” Also in the shoe department, Udovic notes that she’s seeing more floral-patterned Keds shoes, and while gladiators are still there, they’ve transformed into heels instead of flip-flops.

They also offered insight as to what’s in the stores right now for those who haven’t been able to make a trip to the mall recently.

“I was just at the mall, and Charlotte Russe has a lot of super bright, vibrant colors — but deep tones, not lighter,” Jackson said.

Flowing cropped tops and even more belts are also making many mannequin appearances. This is great for girls, but what’s new out there for men right now?

When it comes to any fashion trends, we often forget about the guys.

Bryan Schafer, sophomore architectural studies major, noticed that fashion shows are showing a bit of leg for men this season.

“People are showing a lot of ankle,” he said.

Schafer is referring to trends like rolled up pants and shoes-sans-socks, both in women’s and men’s styles.

When the warm weather makes a comeback, let’s hope cute outfits do as well. Try out some new styles mentioned and keep it cool with some classics as well. Most importantly, have fun with these spring tips and enjoy it while it lasts.

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