Prank your roommate

We aren’t saying you should play pointless jokes on your roommate. That would be mean.

But if you just can’t resist, here are some ideas:

  • Get one of these. It’s called a Phantom Keystroker. It looks like a regular USB drive, but when you plug it in to the computer, it will make the mouse move randomly and type gibberish. He or she will figure it out pretty fast, but won’t it be fun to watch face until they do?
  • Buy one of those cards that play music. Remove the chip and place it under a rug. When your roommate steps on it, it will play a nice little song.
  • Put some food coloring in the soap dispenser. When your roommate washes his or her hands, he or she will be surprised to see them covered in a strange color.
  • Move your roommates stuff about an inch or two every day. Make sure it’s not noticeable. It may get crowded, but after a week or two, your roommate won’t know why his or her stuff is almost out the door.
  • And the simplest one of all: Pour salt into your roommates drink and watch as horror and disgust shadows his or her face.

Have any better ideas? Let us know!