Campus Flashionistas

Hannah Fogarty

Senior English major “I just got these boots from Urban Outfitters. They were on sale, so I really wanted to try them out. It was kind of a bad day to do it because they did get a little uncomfortable by the end of the day, but I thought it was worth it. This (scarf) is from H&M. I put it on because I have this shirt with kind of a rosy flesh-tone, and I thought it went well and pulled in the black.” Quevedo: “The scarf is nice…I like her. The coat could be better. I think that’s an issue with a lot of people – they think black shoes go with everything, and it doesn’t…I like the fit of her jeans, and I like the belt. I don’t like the hole (in her jeans), but it seems like she’s really put together… they (her shoes) look too small.”