Opinion: Boys like girls, and girls like boys … sometimes

Cassandra Adams

Cassandra Adams

Cassandra Adams is an English and news journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].

Although the title may insinuate that this is a tribute to a popular alternative-pop band that has phased out of both charts and hearts, it in fact isn’t. This column is one in a series that I will be writing for the remainder of the semester that will focus on gender and dating. The idea came together after a handful of recent nights on the town — some with a few close girlfriends, some with a group of guys where I was the only female and some with both groups.

After running with all three crowds, I was highly interested in studying (both in my free time and academically) topics of gender relations, feminist theory and dating. I hope to give an honest approach to my perspective, thoughts, notes, opinions and observations to readers on the subject. I want to open the door for these topics and encourage feedback to get the ball rolling.

The following is part of my first installment “Guy’s Girl.”

Is it possible to be a feminist who enjoys hanging out with the guys more than the women? I am not sure if this contradicts itself, but if so, so be it. I didn’t always enjoy this more. It was only well into college that I’ve found myself regularly hanging out with the guys, oftentimes more so than the girls.

A friend has said she’s just ‘one of the guys tonight’ which seems to be a pattern over the last few months. And guess what — I’m having a heck of a time and actually being myself. Here are the reasons I like to hang with the guys.

Guys will give it to you straight up: Guys will tell you how it is. If they happen to get pissed off, they talk about it, fight (well, not with you, hopefully) and it’s over. Girls let it drag out. There’s gossip, backstabbing, jealousy, cattiness and quite possibly hair pulling.

They like to play games: This is a favorite — air hockey, trivia, beer pong, cool fighting ninja video games, basketball, bowling — this can be really refreshing.

They don’t judge you: Overall, guys don’t really give a crap about what you “ought to be.” They take you as you are, without letting their judgments get in the way too much. Heck, they don’t care if you’re quiet, loud or obnoxious — there’s somebody for everybody.

Sports, Beer, Food and Sex: If you’re a girl who likes any of these things — hell, even comfortable enough to admit you love them — then you just hit the gold mine with being a “Guy’s Girl.”

Next week’s column will go into more detail about the differences of running with different types of groups.

Contact Cassandra Adams at [email protected].