How to make potholders

Alexis Pfeifer

In celebration of National Craft Month, buying potholders from the store may become a thing of the past with a how-to on making your own. All that is needed is a loom and nylon loops to create a colorful and necessary piece for the kitchen.

1. After picking up the loom and nylon loops at a craft store, decide the colors and the design that will match the kitchen or add some flair to it.

2. Take the first color and attach it to the first peg. Stretch it until it reaches the peg directly below it. Continue this until the last peg is completed.

3. Next, place a loop on the bottom peg on the side of the loom. Weave the loop through the base created in step two. Use the under-over method by going under the first loop and over the second and continuing until the end.

4. For the second loop on the side, use the over-under method, which is opposite of what was just done. Continue this alternating pattern until every peg is completed.

5. To fasten the potholder, begin in one corner of the loom by taking off a corner loop. Place the loop on the peg directly below it. Pull the loop on the bottom through the first loop. Then take the second loop and place it on the third peg. Pull the third loop through the second loop and continue this patter until there is one loop left.

6. Take the last loop and tie a basic slipknot to hold the pattern together. This loop can be used to hang the potholder after it is completed.

Use an assortment of colors to create bright or festive potholders for the kitchen. Looms come in various sizes, but the standard that comes in a kit is usually about 6 inches across.