The hottest hairstyles for spring

Kelly Petryszyn


1. Finger comb smoother into hair.

2. Blow dry with a round brush starting from the crown going back and finishing with both sides.

3. Roll hot hair in Velcro rollers. Use the bigger size for hair on the top of the crown and the smaller size for hair on the sides. Sit until hair cools.

4. When it cools, pin a one-inch section of hair in the front to one side.


1. Blow dry bangs with a round brush.

2. Crimp the middle top section of hair with a crimping iron. Back comb with a rattail comb for volume.

3. Rub shine gel through hair.

4. Gather backcombed hair and pin into two bouffants on the top of head.

5. Pin straight hair over first bouffant. Comb hair from one side and pin over second bouffant. Pin remaining sections of hair over bouffant into small spirals. Keep pinning until updo is filled in with loops and all the loose hair is pinned.

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