Picnic Ideas



Photo courtesy MCT Campus.

Spring is officially upon us, even if it doesn’t quite feel that way, and the days of tank tops and flip flops loom on the horizon. So with any luck the next few weeks will bring warmer weather and parkas can finally be relegated to the back of the closet with the rest of the winter wear.

One of my favorite things to do once the snow melts is plan a picnic. They’re an easy alternative to letting your friends come over and empty out the cupboards and who doesn’t enjoy communing with nature. Here are a few locations around Kent that should work:

Blanket Hill

Manchester field

Fuller Park

Brady Lake

Basically anywhere with a spare bit of grass you won’t be arrested for sitting on.

Your menu should include food that can easily survive being hauled around and requires little to nothing in the way of utensils. Here is an easy picnic menu most could manage:



Iced tea:

Here’s a recipe but you’ll probably do fine with Snapple.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:

Make sure to include more than one type of jam, as not everyone is likely to want the same kind.


You can’t really go wrong with Lay’s Classic potato chips.

Potato salad:

Most Any grocery store or deli will stock it but Here’s a fairly simple recipe you can make on your own.

Strawberry Shortcake:

I dare you to find a grocery store bakery that doesn’t keep packs of sponge or angel food cakes around. Here is an actual recipe, but for an easy topping just mix cut strawberries and sugar together then let it sit for at least an hour. This dessert is easy, looks nice and the only people who don’t like it are probably allergic to the strawberries.

Cut vegetables and ranch dressing:

Take baby carrots, broccoli florets and celery; add a bottle of ranch dressing. Again, very easy and most people will like it.