New amendment requires 12 completed hours for students to register for overload

Britni Williams

Kent State students will be required to have completed at least 12 credit hours from a Kent State campus in order to schedule an automatic overload.

The Kent State Educational Policies Council passed the amendment, which will take effect fall 2011.

An overload is taking more than 18 credit hours in a single fall or spring semester, more than six credit hours in a five-week summer session, more than 10 credit hours in an eight-week summer session or more than 12 credit hours for all summer sessions combined.

Under the current policy, which took effect fall 2010, any student with a GPA between 2.500-2.749 can schedule one extra credit hour, 2.750-2.999 can schedule up to two extra credit hours and 3.000-4.000 can schedule up to three extra credit hours.

The new policy will add the 12-credit hour requirement on top of the GPA requirement.

Faculty Senate Chair Mack Hassler said the change in policy was needed because the current policy created confusion.

According to the amendment proposal summary, first-semester transfer students and freshmen’s eligibility to schedule an overload was being calculated on mid-term grades that didn’t necessarily reflect their final grades. With the new requirement in place, eligibility will be determined from a full semester’s GPA.

Students who don’t meet the requirements to schedule an automatic overload can still request permission for an overload through their academic adviser.

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