10 places NOT to get it on at

So if your trying to spice up your love life the best idea is to try to get it on in different places. However, there are some places that you just need to try and avoid. This is because maybe its a bit too out in the open. or its just plain dirty.

1. Glass Lounges in the Dorms

While some of the closed lounges can offer some privacy in the dorms for some fun, the glass lounges are just a bit awkward. There are so many people walking by those at all time and, for instance, the lounges in Eastway happen to have windows on ALL sides of the lounge. So anyone out for their nightly smoke break will happen to see you getting it on on their favorite couch.

2. Library

While there are many places where it is perfectly acceptable to get it on in the library there are some that are better left alone. For instance the lower floors, while adding the excitement of getting caught, just are kind of a turn off. Mainly because the lower levels are always so packed with students that you are bound to get caught no matter what.

3. Parking Lots

While a parked car in a lot is a very easy way to get it on, its just not very creative. There are all sorts of parks and places to park your car to get it on in but the parking lots here in Kent scream a quickie.

4. Bathrooms

This may seem like a really good idea at the time, but you will regret it. Bathrooms are so dirty and even though the opposite sex isn’t allowed in the bathrooms with you, (which i doubt has stopped anyone before), this is a simple matter of hygiene. You don’t know how many unwashed hands have touched whatever surface you happen to be on.

5. Outdoors

Outdoors is one of those places that can swing either way. The bad part about getting it on outdoors is when you decide to go at it in a very public place out in the open in broad daylight. Stick to the trees, bushes and more secluded places.

5. Steps in front of the MACC

So this is one example of outdoor places that are unacceptable. First off I have no clue to why you would want to get it on while on concrete steps, that just sounds uncomfortable. Second, its the MACC, there are sometimes little kids inside there. And it is a heavily trafficked area. So this probably is not a good idea.

6. May 4th Memorial

The memorial is a very special place, so special in fact that it is kind of sacred to the school and hippies everywhere (like my mom). So by getting it on at the memorial it kind of takes away from its sacredness. This includes fooling around in the flowers that bloom in the spring on the hill, that is apart of the memorial and should be off limits to all acts sexual.

7. The Art Building

Getting it on in classrooms can be a great thing, and the art building which is opened 24/7 may be a target to such acts. However, the building is open 24/7 for a reason. There are always kids working on projects and there really arent class rooms. Most of the rooms hidden in the back of the building are open pit type classes. Also that building is really dirty from all of the spilled coffee, paint, and other things that the Fine Art and VCD kids spill everywhere.

8. The “Grassy Knoll”

I have heard that new circular patch of grass that was just installed this past semester has been a target for many people. But let us think about this real quick. This is brand new grass in the middle of Risman Plaza. I will bet a bunch of money that they fertilize that like it’s their job. I really do not think that you want fertilizer up in your stuff. Plus in the middle of the day there are tons of people around so you may not want to be that open about your sexuality there.

9. Hot Tub in the Rec Center

Hot tub sex may seem like a fun and exciting thing to do, but not at the rec. There are so many germs floating around in the little pool of water. And there are little children around, and while I am all for say whatever in some situations and doing what ever you want this is one of those I would refrain some. Mainly because you can probably get arrested.

10. The Bookstore in the Student Center

Even if you sneak back behind the book area after the beginning of the semester the bookstore just isn’t that fun. It’s bright and boring and always crowded.