3 things that will make you lose faith in humanity

These days, our sensibilities are being attacked constantly by terrible music, brain-dead TV shows, and absurd political statements. For your convenience and benefit, KentWired has compiled a short list of the most ridiculous trends and events that are likely to make the average, rational person want to take a long walk off a short pier and make friends with a hungry tiger shark.

#3: Justin Bieber movie

Teen music sensation Justin Bieber will star in his own 3D experience, which hits theaters this weekend. In all likelihood, this fact does one of two things to your emotional state; it either excites you greatly (you probably have tickets pre-ordered), or it makes you speechless with anger and confusion.

If you belong to the second group (well-adjusted adults), you have probably been wondering why on earth this kid deserves a movie. To be fair, little girls and creepy old people love Miley Cyrus too, and she got her own 3D movie, but at least she could sing. On top of that, her dad wrote “Achy Breaky Heart” so we let it slide.

Perhaps it is a sign of the changing times. I mean, who wasn’t into The Backstreet Boys back in the day? Maybe we just hate on the Biebs for being so damn popular. That, and the fact that he described himself as “the Kurt Cobain of our generation”. Oh right, I almost forgot about that. Urge to kill rising…..

Avoid theaters this weekend unless you have some sick desire to see this:

#2: Ke$ha

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for about a year and half, you’re probably somewhat familiar with pop artist Ke$ha. Hell, you might even be a fan of hers. If so, that’s cool. Listen to what you like, buddy. It’s not my place to judge (you troglodyte). Just keep something in mind:

Ke$ha makes money by auto-tuning.

I’m going to go ahead and repeat that for emphasis. Ke$ha, who considers herself an artist, is paid to make records full of auto-tuned songs.

Literally anybody can use auto-tune to sound like a decent singer. Auto-tune is meant to train people’s vocal skills, not replace them. How can anyone in good conscience call themselves an artist when there is no artistic talent or merit involved in anything they do?

If that wasn’t bad enough, her auto-tuned music is mindless garbage with nothing to offer the listener beyond a catchy beat (and I’m being generous here). Just look at the title of one of her latest singles:

Using letters as words. Now that’s art, folks. Somewhere, some high school is missing a slutty popular girl who never grew up.

#1: GOP re-defining “rape”

In the United States, it is currently fairly easy for a woman to get an abortion if she is the victim of rape. Many will agree that this is reasonable, as a person cannot be expected to care for a child they had no say in creating.

However, the Republican Party is currently pushing a bill to permanently extend the Hyde Amendment. This would mean the definition of rape would come under scrutiny, and victims of certain types of rape (including statutory, incest, and date-rape) may not be considered deserving of the option of an abortion.

A full story on the development can be found here

Now, both sides of the argument are slinging accusations and counter-accusations (as usual), so it’s hard to get a clear picture. But the mere idea of a political agenda to undermine the importance of rape victims’ ordeals is staggeringly frustrating.

Hit up those comments and tell us what’s been making you want to open a vein lately.